• Have a good time flying over Namibia.
  • Dream Big. Dream Namibia. Dream Travel Air.
  • Enjoy the endless desert of Namibia.
  • “OUT OF AFRICA” motivated us to bring a Travel Air to Namibia.
  • An unforgettable adventure.
  • The club's goal is to let the Travel Air fly in Africa.
  • Enjoy that special moment.
  • Make your booking today.
  • Experience the freedom of Africa.
  • Let the wind play with your hair in the open cockpit.
  • An incredible feeling to fly with a biplane from 1929.
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Danielle Rentsch

danyDanielle Rentsch, born in Switzerland, got the flying bug at the age of 26. She started her flying career in Florida and joined the Swissair flight school in Switzerland.


She has been working as a commercial pilot since 20 years for Swissair, Balair and Swiss International Airline, flying MD-80, MD-11, A-310, B757 / 767, A-330 / 340. Presently  working as a commander  on the A-330/340. Crossing America twice in an amphibian ultralight plane, flying around the world in a motorglider, teaching private pilots,  organizing flight safaris for friends in South Africa and Namibia, Danielle lives the flying bug.


She proves her versatility by her journey from Zurich to Capetown in her beloved Landrover. Danielle loves skiing and from time to time she is under water, diving, instead of flying in the air.

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