• Have a good time flying over Namibia.
  • Dream Big. Dream Namibia. Dream Travel Air.
  • Enjoy the endless desert of Namibia.
  • “OUT OF AFRICA” motivated us to bring a Travel Air to Namibia.
  • An unforgettable adventure.
  • The club's goal is to let the Travel Air fly in Africa.
  • Enjoy that special moment.
  • Make your booking today.
  • Experience the freedom of Africa.
  • Let the wind play with your hair in the open cockpit.
  • An incredible feeling to fly with a biplane from 1929.
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History NC 622H


travel air alt27

NC 622H was built by the Travel Air Manufacturing Company in Wichita Kansas.

The model is a Travel Air E 4000, the 1st engine was a Wright R-540E.

These planes were also used for airmail transport.




NC 622H was completely restored by AeroCraftsman and the engine was changed to a Lycoming R680, 9 Cylinder radial engine with 220 horsepower.




NC 622H was transferred from West Virginia to Namibia and the Travel Air Safari Club was founded to support the flying in Africa.

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